2020 Collective Impact Workstreams

African American changemakers solving problems in the black community

The African American Leadership Forum’s (AALF) Collective Impact work is centered on bringing African American changemakers in the Twin Cities and beyond together to solve some of the Black community’s most prevalent challenges. The Task Force utilizes a Human-Centered Design (HCD) process to identify problem statements around Education, Health & Wellness, Family and Culture, and Economic Development to maximize the impact of the work.

When the most prevalent issues facing the community are identified, Workstream members take action to solve them by collaborating on social impact projects in partnership with Minnesota institutions and organizations.

What are Workstreams? Workstreams are a team of community volunteers that implement and evaluate a community project in partnership with community groups, leaders and organizations. Workstreams are also an opportunity to access the assets of a community instead of approaching communities in a needs-based or deficit-based way. It is also a unique opportunity to lead and learn through a team experience in upholding the African American Leadership Forum’s mission and values.

AALF Collective Impact

AALF believes that a successful project results from a clearly understood and executable plan. During the most recent convening, participants were provided with a roadmap for each project. The program also brings about change by developing projects in which the activities and objectives are measurable, and it is clear who is responsible for each component.

What Workstream Participants Do?

Participants in AALF’s Collective Impact work signed up to complete a six month work detail. Each member signed up for activities to execute in the work plan and will meet bi-weekly with team members to check-in on the status of their work. Once a month workstream members will send a project report to the Program Director of the African American Leadership Forum on the completed project outcomes and activities status.

Applications for the Collective Impact Task Force and Workstreams are currently closed. Check here for information about the next cohort.