The African American Leadership Forum’s (AALF) Collective Impact work is informed by the principles of human-centered design and comprised of two distinct parts: the Task Force and Work Streams. The Black leaders and social innovators who participate in our Task Force and Work Streams are considered Network contributors, these are individuals who volunteer their time, talent, and treasure to our work and actively engage with us in our efforts to improve the lives of African Americans in Minnesota.

About the Task Force & Work Streams

AALF’s Task Force is a group of 8-10 dynamic African American leaders from across the Twin Cities, who are chosen through an application and interview process to strategize and set a Black vision around four focus areas: Education, Health & Wellness, Economic Development, and Family & Culture. Over a period of 10 months, these individuals help identify the priorities that the Work Streams will build upon; homing in on the most pressing issues facing the Black community and taking action. Major Task Force responsibilities include:

  • Aligning with AALF’s Collective Impact Plan, Strategic Plan objectives, and outputs for fiscal year
  • Reviewing Forum Network volunteer interests
  • Identifying Forum Network leader profiles, identifying (“who” does the work, “who” leads, and who “participates” in committees, cohorts, fellowships, forums, and events)
  • Designing a plan of action based on identified need(s)
  • Communicating and recruiting identified Forum Network leaders
  • Creating a master calendar for community engagement
  • Evaluating year-end outcomes of organizational impact
  • Co-leading Work Stream committees (Work Streams are volunteer-based work groups to move work created in the Task Force forward)

AALF Collective Impact

“In the Task Force we’re currently structuring goals that, on some level, meet concerns that have risen from our community around AALF’s four focus areas. This work relates to my personal community engagement experiences in several ways, but the main thing is that it helps to put strategy to action with an actual intended outcome — this is encouraging.” – Anissa Keyes, 2019/2020 Task Force Member

“The overall theme of AALF’s Collective Impact Task Force meetings has been powerful within itself. Honing in on Family & Culture, Education, Health & Wellness, and Economic Development are vital factors in terms of the future of the Black community. While it’s really hard to focus on any one area without realizing the importance of how they all connect, my level of expertise is Education and Family & Culture. Since joining the Task Force, I’ve learned from my peers and I’ve gained greater appreciation for working intergenerationally. Establishing communication between age groups is necessary for moving the dial.” – Rose McGee, 2019/2020 Task Force Member


“In Collective Impact Task Force we’re currently talking about equity, justice, empowerment and creating sustained fundamental progress in the Black community. This relates to my personal community engagement experiences as it provides an approach that is more focused on institutional and systemic level change.” – Courtney Schroeder, 2019/2020 Task Force Member

Interested in becoming a Network contributor by supporting AALF’s Collective Impact effort? Contact LaCora Bradford Kesti, Program Director, at